Interclub 25 Results

Interclub 25 Results

The interclub 25 between the Withington Wheelers, Stretford Wheelers and the Dukinfield CC took place on Sunday 28 April, 2019. Congratulations to Pete Howarth and the Stretford Wheelers for first place individually and in the team competition.

Individual Results

1Pete Howarth 23.51SW
2=Rob Kirk 26.21 WW
2= John Lowe 26.21WW
4 Graeme McCulloch26.55SW
5Paul Barnes
6 Angela Hunter 27.23DCC
7Rob Nelson27.32DCC
8James Hyman28.33WW
9Karen Newby28.36DCC
10Trevor Thirsk29.27SW
11Simon Tiller30.00SW
12Colin Manning30.38WW
13Lee Cook31.06DCC
14Russ Forbes31.08WW
15John Berry31.26WW
16Ian Morrison32.35SW
Syd BrownDNFSW
Phil WilkinsDNSWW

Team Result

1Stretford Wheelers1.20.13
2Withington Wheelers1.21.15
3Dukinfield CC1.22.11
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