Never trust a lawyer

Never trust a lawyer

A cyclist who has been involved in a terrible road accident involving a lorry and two horses is in court fighting for a big compensation claim. “I understand you are claiming for the injuries you are supposed to have suffered in the accident”. Stated the counsel for the insurance company.

“Yes, that’s right”. Replied the cyclist nodding his head. “You claim you were injured in the accident, but I have a signed police statement which says that when the attending police officer asked how you were feeling you replied, “Never felt better in my life”. Is that the case”?

“Err, yeah but…” stammered the cyclist. “A simple yes or no will suffice” counsel interrupted quickly. “Yes” replied the cyclist. Then it was the turn of the cyclists council to ask him questions.

“Please tell the court the exact circumstance of events leading up to your statement of health”. His lawyer said. “Certainly” said the cyclist, “After the accident the two horses were thrashing around in pain with broken legs, the attending police officer walked over, took one look at them, drew his pistol and shot them both dead. He then walked over to me whilst I was lying in the road and asked me how I was feeling. Under the circumstances what would your reply have been?”

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