Third Party Insurance – Guidance Note for Members of Dukinfield Cyclists Club

Third Party Insurance – Guidance Note for Members of Dukinfield Cyclists Club

Prior to and at the AGM there was some discussion as to whether it should be a condition of club membership that everybody has some form of third-party insurance in place. The general feeling of the members is that this is difficult to enforce but it should be pointed out to all active club members that this is strongly recommended. The notes below, are intended to clear up any misunderstandings, and give some guidance and advice regarding the liabilities of individual members. 

The Club’s Insurance

The Club is affillated to both Cycling UK and British Cycling. The affiliation covers up to £10 million for club officials, ride leaders and event organisers against any claims made against them as a result of their negligence. The cover includes rides/events which are sportives, touring competitions, reliability events, Audax events, and in record breaking but excludes any form of competitive cycling, such as time trials or mass start races. Our affiliation to ‘Cycling Time Trials’ also offers the club a similar type and level of insurance when promoting club or open time trials.

The Club wishes to make it clear that individual members of the Club are NOT covered by the Club’s insurance. 

This means that, if you cause injury or damage to a third party (who for example, could be a fellow rider on a Club run, or any other road user), a claim may be taken out against you

We therefore offer this guidance as to what you should do to minimise your risk to a claim for damages.

Personal Insurance

Dukinfield Cyclists Club strongly recommends that every member arranges his or her own third-party insurance cover.

Third Party Insurance is offered as an inclusive part of membership of both CyclingUK and British Cycling, (see their websites for details).  As the Dukinfield C.C. has Club Membership of Cycling UK, this entitles all of its members to take out “Affiliate Membership”, which is cheaper than taking out “Full” membership as an individual although does not include some of the benefits of full membership such as voting rights and receipt of the bi-monthly magazine. If any member wishes to take out CyclingUK Affiliate membership you can do this by applying online where you will be prompted to enter our club number which is: 90169707.

Although Dukinfield CC also has club membership of British Cycling, B.C. there is no affiliate category but be careful to choose the type of membership suitable for your needs especially if you are wishing to race. From time to time British Cycling does have membership offers so please shop around.

You can also arrange cover through some Home Insurance Policies or purchase a stand-alone Policy, however please read the small print of your policy and be aware of the level of cover provided especially when renewing such policies.

To illustrate the importance of having insurance in place we would refer to the 2019 London County Court case of the uninsured cyclist Robert Hazeldean who had damages and costs of almost £100,000 awarded against him after colliding with a pedestrian. 

In giving this guidance the Club wishes to make it clear that it is not authorised to give advice on which type of Insurance suits you, nor is it making any recommendations regarding taking out CyclingUK or British Cycling membership. Please shop around for the best cover for your types of riding.