Club Clothing

Club Clothing

Club Clothing

The Club clothing designs have now been agreed and I’m now in a position to start taking orders. Endura are able to supply samples of the different items of clothing for you to try on, so please let me know if you have any requests for samples.

There is a multitude of different items available which I have listed below. They fall into three levels, Standard, (which I aim to keep a stock of summer short sleeve and long sleeve Roubaix jerseys) Premium, which has a slightly better cut and not as basic as the standard, and World Tour which is the full on pro race version as supplied to the Movistar World Tour team. Very much a full pro race fit and quality. 1(so very snug!)   Of course, they get correspondingly more expensive as you move up the ranges.

Stock Items 

I intend to keep standard thin short sleeve jerseys, standard Roubaix jackets and track mitts in stock. However, if you intend to buy a stock jersey, please order one, because if several people rely on buying the clubs stock you may end up being disappointed.  


The prices below are a rough guide, because our order is subject to various discounts depending on the total cost.


If you would like to try on and have a feel before you order, I can request samples from Endura, but, the customer fitting rooms are at my house in Bollington! More sizing details are available at the link below…

Order Quantities 

There is a minimum of three of each item with every order. Therefore if you want to buy an expensive jacket, you’ll need to convince a couple of clubmates to buy one too. This isn’t affected by size.

Deadline for orders 

Sorry but I’m going to have to ask for your orders by mid April. There is about a six week delivery time on all orders.


I’m hoping not to need deposits with your orders, but this will depend on club funds/size of the order etc. If I need a deposit I’ll be in touch.

Fine details of each item

I’m not an expert! I’ve no idea of the fine details of the various products, if you have any queries, I’ll do my best to help but I don’t know much more than details given on the Endura website. Have a look on the link below at all the available products.

Short Sleeve Jersey (Standard)£45
Short Sleeve Jersey(Premium)£60
Short Sleeve Jersey (World Tour)£70
Long Sleeve Jersey (Standard)£50
Long Sleeve Jersey (Premium)$65
Long Sleeve Jersey (World Tour)£80
Roubaix Jacket (Standard)£55
Roubaix Jacket (World Tour)$90
Ulta Packable, vVery thin, windproof, showerproof long sleeved jacket£55
Waterproof Jacket World Tour Standard, breathable, waterproof. (Like a Goretex)£100
Windproof Classics Jacket World Tour Standard short sleeve + arm warmers (Like a Castelli Gabba) £115
Double front winter Jacket World tour Standard windproof fronted jacket£105
Premium Compact Gillet (Thin and lightweight)£40
World Tour Race Gillet (Thin and lightweight)£50
World Tour Winter Gillet (Roubaix with windproof front)£62
Downhill Mountain Bike Jersey (Short Sleeve)£40
Downhill Mountain Bike Jersey (Long Sleeve)£43
Enduro Mountain Bike Jersey (Short Sleeve)£36
Enduro Mountain Bike Jersey (LongSleeve)£40
XC Mountain Bike Jersey (Short Sleeve)£45
XC Mountain Bike Jersey (Long Sleeve)£50
Bib Shorts Standard£55
Bib Shorts Premium£67
Bib Shorts World Tour (3 Pad widths, 3 leg lengths and Summer and winter options)£90
Skinsuits (various options)£75 - £340
Kids clothingPOA
Triathalon KitsPOA
Running Shirts£35
World Tour Winter Bib Tights£90
Thermal Arm Warmers£18
Aero overshoes£30
Buff type neck Tube£10
Thermal neck tube£22